Cleaning services

Cleaning services

Cleaning services

Many public and private sectors require cleaning services and in order to ensure that our customers have all comforts, we have established a department to provide cleaning services, because they are not able to do it themselves. The cleaning services provided by our company include:

  • cleaning government and private buildings.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of operating rooms, recovery rooms, and special care facilities.
  • Cleaning airports, camps, malls, cities, markets, stadiums, public and private clubs, theaters, showrooms, costumes, public and private homes, shops, roads, public and private squares, hotels of all their classifications, parks, gardens and game cities.

  • Lifting of rubble and waste and treating them with sanitary landfill or by recycling these wastes with modern methods and methods of disposal.
  • Providing State departments, the public sector, the private sector, oil companies and international organizations, with all commodities and goods (cars – equipment – heavy and light machinery – oils – electrical materials – generators – chemicals – plastic materials) (chairs – tables – plastic and steel containers – children’s toys. and all household items).
  • Providing the manpower, machines, equipment, cleaning and sterilization materials required for this purpose.


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